Docile: D203

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hello world! Bringing you the first review/swatch!

Now, most of us have probably never heard of this brand. I picked it up (very inexpensively) from SASA's. Being such an obscure brand I thought - hey, why not? Let's review this!

It's a pretty true, true red from Docile. I think it's rather flattering!

It goes on smoothly but slightly streaky. The streaks aren't too obvious, thankfully. This is 2-3 coats.

The bottle makes a nice accessory on your vanity, though the cap is a fingerprint magnet.

One odd issue: It stained my Sally Hansen 2-in-1 topcoat brush :( I use basecoat, so my nails are safe. While applying topcoat, some red polish came off and stuck to it.

Overall, a nice, inexpensive polish. Might want to watch out for the staining though.

Have you tried any Docile polishes? What do you think about them?

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